MA London College of Communication: Unit 2.1 outcome.
A visual critique of the medias representation of Kate Middleton. Remembrance Sunday 2013.
As word and image are the most basic forms of visual communication, the graphic designer plays a pivotal role in defining how meaning is created. Jan Van Toorn emphasises that visual communication is never neutral, and the designer never simply an objective conveyor of information.

By documenting and editing the mainstream media coverage of Remembrance Sunday, I chose to visually critique the event, thereby highlighting and questioning the relevance of the Kate Middleton images used by the press to represent such a sombre occasion.

The printed outcome examines the different forms of print and screen based media through the resolution and pixelation of the images themselves. Whilst the crops of the photographs disguise the context, adding another level of signification or meaning to the visual representation. These different levels of signification influence the meaning based on the readers cultural and social background.

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